Curry Cashew Tofu Bake

November 30, 2010

Curry Cashew Tofu Bake

So I got a copy of “500 Vegan Recipes” from the library to try it out.

After flipping through it for a while one recipe stood out as a must try – “Curry Cashew Tofu Bake”.  Had a ton of delicious ingredients, but more than that, I couldn’t figure out what it was going to taste or look like when finished.  I had to know!


I don’t think I get this recipe.  I don’t understand it.  I really liked the flavours, but the textures seemed… odd.  I don’t get the dry chickpeas, or the purpose of the dry ground up cashews covered in nooch.  But mostly I don’t get the wet, doughy mass underneath them.  Is it me?  Or is it the recipe?  Did I do something wrong?  Seriously, I just don’t get it!

Well, if nothing else, my curiosity about the recipe was satisfied, I guess.

I can’t believe this is the last day of Vegan MoFo!  It was my first one as a blogger, and it was awesome.  Found so many excellent new-to-me  blogs, and it was even more fun to take part in than it was to watch from a distance as I had previously.  Can’t wait for MoFo 2011!

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