Southern Fried Seitan

October 13, 2010

Southern Fried Seitan

Of all the breaded and fried recipes I’ve tried over the years, this is my favourite and the one I compare all other breaded vegan offerings to.  The recipe is from “Vegan Vittles: Down-Home Cooking for Everyone” by Joanne Stepaniak (you know, the “Uncheese” lady) and actually goes by the name “Southern Fried Tofu”.  I love it as tofu, love it as seitan, even love it as zucchini.  (It’s just now occurred to me that maybe I should try it out on eggplant.  Should I?  Holy crap, that might be awesome!)

It’s your basic technique – dredge it in the flour, dunk it in some curdled soy milk, then drop it in the coating and fry ’til crispy.  What’s special is the coating – it’s just nutritional yeast and a whole bunch of herbs and spices.  (I think it might actually be 11 herbs n’ spices.  They don’t use that slogan anymore, do they?  Must stop dating myself with ancient ad campaign knowledge.)

This time it was seitan fingers, but anything goes with this one.  Nuggets, triangles, or big ole slabs.

It is the most satisfying, salty, delicious fried thing going.  And really, aside from the fact that it’s pan fried, it’s not something you need to feel too guilty about indulging in regularly.

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