White Seitan

October 8, 2010

White Seitan About To Cook“Oh for the love of Mike, what IS that, and why are you making me look at it?”  I hear you.  And your point is valid!

I’m simply here to declare something.  To go tell it on the mountain.  People, I have found it.

I have found MY seitan!

This has been a journey of many years.  Some have been too spongey, some too rubbery, some too dry, and some just too friggin’ labour intensive.  But this one is just right.

It’s the White Seitan from “Viva Vegan!”.  A super fast and easy steamed seitan, that comes together in minutes and then cooks in 30.  I’ve had a little electric steamer for years, it’s always been my preferred method for making rice.  When the new steamed seitan recipes started making the rounds a few years ago, it started doing double duty.

Yes, boiled seitan is great.  But it’s slower, harder, and messier.  And costs a fortune in soy sauce!  Then there’s baked.  I’ve never cared for the baked stuff, at all.   Dry city!  I’ve loved all the steamed sausage recipes over the years, but it always ends up being a tad drier than I’d like.   But this, THIS is perfect.  The texture is precisely what I want, and it even tastes great right outta the steamer.  I can’t wait to try the Red Seitan!

Seitanic Perfection!

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